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New Season, New Start. Or?

September has always been my favourite month. The summer holiday is over; we feel rested, refreshed and eager to start our regular days again. This year though, it's a bit different. What will the next few months bring?

Whenever I face uncertainty, my home environment plays a significant role in how I feel and how I approach each day. I want to be cocooned and feel safe. So, what is the best way to prepare our homes for the months ahead?

To get my home autumn-ready, I like to have a good declutter, just like you would in spring, followed by a deep clean. It's incredible what summer brings indoors ūüėä After packing away the summer, I usually add a lot of accessories with texture and warmth as suggested below.


Include a lovely autumn scent in your home.

What makes a house a home? In my opinion, it often comes down to scent. I am super weak for woody, quite masculine smells. So candles and diffusers that are scented with lovely warm woody smell make the home warm and comforting as a crackling open fire. Exceptionally suited for autumn, I think.

Add texture with textiles and add some pattern too.

While I tend to go for a more paired down, simple and minimalist styling in the summer, the autumn and winter call for more of a maximalist style. Nothing says autumn more than soft and textural textiles draped over sofas, chairs and beds. By also including fluffy sheepskins and patterned elements, you'll create a deep sensuous style that adds to the whole autumny feel of your home.


Nora Cushion Habitat £75




Change your art.

If you are a poster fan like me, then it is super easy to switch up your art at home. Switching the light and airy summer vibe posters with more moody ones can really change the look in your home.

Reaching Art Print By Lordt

Reaching Art Print By Lordt Rockett St George £45



Circle Print White Punch

Use Amber and Brown Glassware and Crockery.

Time to transition pastels and clear glass vases, etc., to more earthy crockery and glassware in brown, amber and green.

Just so Jazz Vase W.A Green

Just so Jazz Vase W.A Green £29
Dark Amber Vase White Punch
Dark Amber Vase Amara £77 (Sale)
Jules Collection Bloomingville White Punch

Bring some new warm colours into your home,

maybe paint a room?

Ok, so this might take it a bit far, but a few walls do not really take that long to paint. Earthy tones like dusky oranges, gentle purples and dusty pinks, deep green and chocolatey browns give an ethereal warmth as summer draws to a close. 


Setting Plaster Farrow and Ball

Setting Plaster Farrow and Ball From £27 

Foto by Paul Massey

 Pickle Paint Abigail Ahern

Pickle by Abigail Ahern £56


Oranges Middle Buff Little Greene

 Middle Buff Orange Little Greene Company From £23.50

Invite people over for an informal get-together.

One of the¬†best thing¬†with autumn is the¬†casual get-togethers, let us pray we can continue to meet in the next few weeks and months ūüôŹ. Cooking a slow-cooked¬†meal that can be prepared beforehand, lighting some candles and bringing out¬†our rustic tableware is all that is needed.

I think that a good old Chilli con Carne always hit the spot for autumn entertaining. Its a classic, simple to prepare and easy to make both veggie and meat options. Its a hearty warm meal and great for feeding a crowd.

Chilli Con Carne

This recipe from the lovely Jaime Oliver always hits the spot. The only addition I do to it is that I add one or two squares of dark chocolate at the end. It kind of help blending all the flavours, it won't taste of chocolate at all ūüėä

Here is the link:



Until next time, take care.

Kari Anne xx




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