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About us


My name is Kari Anne Olsen Ndirika, a Norwegian living in Greater London with passion for interiors and I am the founder of White Punch, an Interior Design Service and a Nordic Exotic online lifestyle store based in the UK.

Here we are offering a boutique Interior Design service where we recognize that each project is an individual expression of the clients unique personality. By understanding your values and passions, it is essential for us to create personalised interior designs that are comfortable, functional and stylish, reflecting our modern lifestyles and creating the home of your dreams.

In addition, we sell interior products, gifts and lifestyle items for big and small, sourced from all over the world. Our collection is diverse, mixing both Nordic and Exotic, with great attention to detail and quality at an affordable price.

At White Punch, we do not believe one style fits all and we encourage mixing the elements rather than matching them. Here you will find a great blend of industrial and ethnical design, together with the more graphical black and white creations. 

With me being Scandinavian, there is a Nordic feel to the products and my designs, but not exclusively so. After 20 years in multicultural London, I have been heavily influenced by other cultures and love mixing them into my projects.

My aim is for you to enjoy the White Punch concept so that you can experiment and create the mood and style you would want in your home.

Hope you enjoy!

Kari Anne x